Dr. Susanna V. Haziot


Publications (acceptées)

1. S.V. Haziot,
« Study of an elliptic partial differential equation modeling the ocean flow in Arctic gyres“
Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, 48 (23), (2021)
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2. S.V. Haziot,
“Stratified large-amplitude steady periodic water waves with critical layers”
Communications in Mathematical Physics, (2020)
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3. B. Basu, S.V. Haziot, A. Staino,
“Wave breaking for periodic solutions of a nonlinear shallow water equation”
Applicable Analysis, (2020)
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4. S.V. Haziot,
“Study of an elliptic partial differential equation modeling the Antarctic Circumpolar Current”
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems-A 39 (8), 4415, (2019)
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5. S.V. Haziot,
“Explicit two-dimensional solutions for the flow in arctic gyres”,
Monatshefte für Mathematik 189 (3), 429-440, (2019)
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6. S.V. Haziot, K. Marynets,
“Applying the Stereographic Projection to Modeling of the Flow of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current”
Oceanography 31 (3), 68-75, (2018)
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7. S.V. Haziot,
“Wave-breaking in the Fornberg-Whitham Equation”
Journal of Differential Equations 263 8178-8185, (2017)
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Publications (soumises ou en cours)

1. S.V. Haziot, M.H. Wheeler,
« Large amplitude steady solitary waves with critical layers“
in preparation


Université de Vienne, Département de mathématiques

Printemps 2020 : Lecturer, Tutorials in Ordinary Differential Equations

Automne 2019 : Lecturer, Tutorials in Analysis 3 and elementary Differential Geometry

Automne 2018 : Lecturer, Tutorials in Analysis 1

Northwestern University, Département de mathématiques

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Game Theory and Calculus